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At Glasscock Financial, we’re passionate about serving others, helping clients grow their wealth for their lives now, in the future and for their legacy. We use our distinct three-point approach to provide an elevated wealth management experience that includes personalized financial advice, investment management and financial planning.

1. Evaluate

Most clients come to Glasscock Financial with some investments but not necessarily a comprehensive plan that provides a clear path toward their financial goals. When working with new clients, our first step is to help people identify and prioritize goals – without a destination, we can’t plot a course. We evaluate current investments and plans to determine whether they are helping you pursue your objectives or adjustments are needed.

2. Navigate

With a clear understanding of the destination, we can design a comprehensive financial plan that not only addresses investments but other needs, such as college funding, estate planning, tax considerations, retirement planning and any other anticipated life events. We work with you to implement a long-term plan that navigates the wants and needs of your financial life.

3. Communicate

Transparency and honesty are the hallmark of communication at Glasscock Financial. Because we’re in regular communication with clients, we know when their financial plan may need to be adjusted because of an unexpected life event or an opportunity that arises. We also continually monitor investments and proactively reach out to clients if we see that we need a course correction to get them back on track toward their goals. 

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